Thursday, October 23, 2014

Performing Artists: Become NEST eligible | Educators: Please take our 5 minute survey

Traditional Performing Artists: How to become a NEST (New England States Touring) performer.

The New England Foundation for the Arts offers quarterly NEST (New England States Touring) grants to organizations who want to bring an out-of-state performer to their organization. The performers are chosen from a list of "NEST eligible performers". If you are a performing artist who is interested in performing out of state, and has done at least 5 public performances in the past year, you can apply to be added to the list of NEST eligible artists. You will need a CreativeGround profile in order to be considered. Watch this video to find out how to become a NEST performer.

Educators: Please take our 5 minute Survey

The NH State Council on the Arts believes that studying local art forms, history, and culture, can foster connections with the community, develop citizenship, and directly support state curriculum objectives. The Heritage and Traditional Arts Program in consultation with the Arts in Education program, artists and educators is developing lesson plans and curriculum units to help teachers share our artistic traditions with K-12 students. We are asking for your help in identifying what makes a good teaching and learning resource. What do you need most to support your instruction?

We appreciate you taking time to answer the following questions that will inform what type of resources we develop.

Members of the Orzechowski family performing at Canterbury Shaker Village