Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Times they are a-changin'

Working with New Hampshire’s traditional arts community for the past four years has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received both personally and professionally. I have been filled with so much gratitude, inspiration, and reverence for the people and stories who share the highest level of craftsmanship in perpetuating our cultural heritage. I have learned an immeasurable amount as you’ve invited me into your homes for interviews, were patient as I tried to learn contra dancing, and trusted in our staff to listen as you shared what is important.

This summer I am transitioning to a new focus and will begin the equally valuable work as the Arts in Education Coordinator. The NH State Council on the Arts will be welcoming a new Traditional Arts Coordinator and I look forward to the experience and skill set that person will bring to this work. All of the programs and initiatives at the Arts Council are a collaborative endeavor among our entire staff, advisory council, and input from the community. I am eager to continue to support the traditional arts community through efforts in arts education.

See you real soon,